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by Anders Fåk (2017-11-08)

What are the “real” consumers Phen375 saying about Phen375 and its effectiveness? With the consumer's “real” I mean not the people used as testimonials on the site, Phen375.

I have spent a bit of time hunting around on forums, blogs, and message boards for real opinions of the consumers Phen375. There were many more people excited Phen375 and only a few negative comments (especially from people who have never tried the product).

Here are some examples of feedback from actual users:

” ... Hello, I started taking the tablets in the afternoon married and I lost 1/2 inch !!!!!!!

I have not noticed any side affects – couldn't sleep last night, but not sure if this is because of the tablets. I still feel hungry at meal times, but not to eat as much as I would normally. So far so good – keep your fingers crossed that it continues ... “- fevdou – Forum

” ... It works I have used it for three weeks and I have lost 20 pounds, even though I have to admit I added pretty intense workouts I had to stop using it because of the stretch marks I was losing too fast but Absolutely worth every penny and the drive power is great ... “. With and louis –