POST Journal of Political Studies and Theory

POST – Nordic Journal of Political Science and Theory is a refereed academic journal and offers an inclusive venue for political science debates in interpretive and “post” approaches. The journal aims to establish new ways of science publishing, following and setting trends and utilising new technological means to disseminate academic knowledge.

POST is a refereed academic journal which creates a forum for the publication of innovative writing and access to debates that do not get exposure elsewhere. Already canonised established journals reproduce the canon. Even though academic writing is all about inquiry, argument and discussion, these practices are regularily stowed away ahead of the actual publication. Due to these conservative practices, and to the speed of which society and the world of knowledge is currently developing, science publishing is at risk of bracketing/marginalising itself. We believe that science publishing needs to be more about the peer review process rather than gate keeping. POST will be leading the way for new practices in publishing where processes commonly hidden away, here are part of the gaingings.

Vol 1, No 1 (2016)

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David Lawrence


David Lawrence