Vol. 4 No. 2 (2001)


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Physiotherapy Programme

Börgeson A, Karlsson E, Evaluation of Pressure Pain Thresholds Before and After Physical Activity in Healthy Women of Fertile Age

Fabianson G, Hägglund M, Postural Steadiness in One-Legged Stance - Validation of a Kinetic Measuring Instrument (footscan®)

Carlsson H, Palmkvist E, Intra- and Inter-observer Reliability on the Portable Forceplate footscan® ver 6.1 sst in One-leg Standing

Hobro K, Persson K, Mouse Cursors Speeds Effect on Muscle Activity in Upper Extremity - The Connection between Different Cursor Speeds, Wrist Angle and Muscle Activity

Bengtsson M, What are the Effects of Physical Exercise on Individuals 75 Years or Older?- a Review Study

Occupational Therapy Programme

Karlsson M, Lindquist M, Experiences of Occupational Therapy in the Home - Seen from the Perspective of the Relative

Social Care Programme

Andersson E, County Council as a Collaborative Partner - An Interview Study of How Case Managers Experience Joint Care Planning

Gullemo C, Thunberg A, The Setting of Individual Wages - A Qualitative Study of what Unit Managers Think About the Setting of Individual Wages

Pontvik Refsbäck S, Stigh L, Old Age With Two Cultures - A Qualitative Study of Elderly Chileans and Yugoslavs and Their Expectations Concerning Growing Old in Sweden

Arnberg C, Hawborn-Espander C, The Professional Role of the Social Pedagogue

Malko A, "We Live in the Periphery of the System" - A Qualitative Study of How Four Persons Experience Working Life

Johansson L, Walfredsson J, Single Mothers in Need of Help and Support - An Interview Study from a Client Perspective Concerning the Background to Contact with Social Services and how this Contact is Experienced

Published: 2002-03-21

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